The Element World is a magical realm where all the elements are found and originated. The world is divided into kingdoms: the Fire Empire, the Water Nation, the Earth Union, the Air Realm, Galvaros and Leopardia.

History Edit

Not much is known about this world, but it was the origin of all elements that existed. All elements have kingdoms. However, due to territorial problems and opposite elements, they started a war. The war lasted for a decade, and many kingdoms were fallen. Nowadays, five kingdoms still exist.

The Electric State sought independence from the Fire Empire in 56 AD and was renamed as Galvaros. Galvaros has not discovered electricity and was a very poor country. Their leader, Minerva, was a cruel and greedy woman and wants to expand her kingdom even though the kingdom is very weak and poor, until they discovered electricity. They used electricity to torture immigrants from other kingdoms, so travelling to Galvaros is banned. Minerva's tyranny was put to a stop after she was killed during a war. They finally allow immigrants in Galvaros.

Leopardia was finally a kingdom after the war.

Kingdoms Edit

The Fire Empire Edit

It was the first kingdom the Cymbio has discovered. The kingdom is known for its igneous rocks because of its volcanoes. It is believed that Ina's ancestors used to live there until they moved to the planet Earth. It was impossible to find sources of water after the Eternal Flame because it dried up all the bodies of water existing in that place. Its atmosphere is reddish because of the curse. The Eternal Flame almost destroyed half of the kingdom. After the curse was lifted, the kingdom was restored back into its original form. The kingdom is the third largest, next to Leopardia and the Air Realm being the largest.

The Water Nation Edit

The kingdom is placed on a large island, surrounded by water. The rarest fish kinds exist in the oceans. However, mystical creatures such as mermaids don't exist. It was used to be a part of the Air Realm until a large mass of land shifted away. Its current destination is in the middle of the

The Earth Union Edit

The Air Realm Edit

Galvaros Edit

Leopardia Edit