Felix is an upcoming character who is set to appear later on in season 2.

Appearance Edit

Felix is a dog who looks just like the others, but with a blue hat with a white circle.

Personality Edit

Felix has a different personality here than from the Gumbapedia Fanon wikia. He is calmer than before, and he doesn't seem to hate his job to much anymore. The most noticeable change is that he now has more jobs other than just being a builder. (He is still a builder, but he appears like that rarely.)

History Edit

Felix's first evidence that he would appear in Gumball Final Fantasy was in a Season 2 teaser. Agent also stated in an interview that Felix would first appear in The Step of Crystals, as a cameo.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit



Trivia Edit

  • Felix is the first character from Agent who didn't appear in season 1.
  • He seems to be the Co-leader of the dogs in this series.