Flamehammer is a large robotic dog created by Dr. Budar. He first appeared in The First Fight (Part 1).


Flamehammer is a CGI animated robot that resembles a dog. He has a shiny metalic body with a tail that glows, and has a hammer at the top of it. He has A black rubber nose, and a snout with a container-like jaw, similar to a seagull.

When switched to angry mode, he gets a redesign. All the parts on him that glow (Such as his tail, eyes, etc.) become red. He becomes a little less metalic, and becomes bigger. He grows spike all over a percentige of his body, and gets sharp teeth.


Flamehammer is a very playfull robot. He will always be barking, and will sometimes shake alot. But when he gets angry, he becomes more agressive. 

Flamehammer can shoot fire out of his fouth, and can carry many things with his mouth. He can also smash anything with his hammer-like tail.


  • Dr Budar: Flamehammer is Dr Budar's pet. Dr Budar was very annoyed by him.
  • Pac the Dog: TBA


  • He was the first enemy the cymbio fought.