Lego Bricks is the second episode of Gumball Final Fantasy. It's the first episode made by Agentpman1 (talk) 23:01, December 8, 2014 (UTC)


Sullvan is traped in a lego world and now must team Cymbio save him.


Gumball Watterson

Martha Nuttels

Beckie Petersson

Sullvan Dog (Debut.)


GumballFangirl123 ( Debut. )


Lego Leg



Dr. Budar (Voiced.)


(Shows Sullvan Waking up from a coma.)

Sullvan: Ugh...What? Were am I?

(Looks around to see a lego-like world.)

Sullvan: What is this place? This isn't my home...

??????: Hahahahahaha!

Sullvan: Erm...Who's there?

??????: Welcome, my little friend...

Sullvan: Who are you? And where am I?

??????: That's not important right now...What is important is that you are trapped here!

Sullvan: Why?

??????: You'll find out soon. But right now, you are staying here...Lego leg, take him away!!!

Sullvan: Lego leg? What???

(A giant sillouete of Lego leg walks toward Sullvan.)

Sulvan: Oh...Dear......Lord.....

(Lego leg fires a lego piece at Sullvan.)

Sulvvan: AAAHHH-

(Cuts to black.)

( in the clubhouse )

Gumball: im bored!

Darwin: same.

Conny: ( who is guarding ) guys, i can see a orange haired girl running here.

Gumball: who is it?

Conny: i dont know. it is not my sister.

?????: ( comming in )

Darwin: wait a sec! its GumballFangirl123!

GF123: for the last time, my name is Maria! why cant anyone say it right?

Gumball: well, GumballFangirl123 is bit easier to remember.

GF123: anyways, i have got a message from Dr.Budur, beacuse, when i should go there for see what he did, he found me and said i should record a message. so, here it is.

Gumball: ok, wait here a sec! GUYS! DR.BUDUR HAVE SEND US A MESSAGE!

( other of Cymbio commes )

Gumball: ok, play it!

( GF123 takes a tv from her backpack and set the tv on )

Dr.Budur: ( in the video ) hello, my little friends! this is a special message for you. i have captured your friend Sullvan and he is now stuck in my little lego world. if you want to save him, you shall fight my minions. anyways, you have 2 hours for come here, or else, Sullvan is gonna be in the lego world FOREVER!

Sullvan: ( is seen in a cage ) GUYS! HELP ME!

( Cymbio gasps )

Dr.Budur: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ( the tv goes static )

Martha: wow! i didint know that Dr.Budur loves lego!

GF123: NO,MARTHA! Dr.Budur is gonna make Sullvan live in a cold hearted Lego world rest of his life!

Gumball: i cant let that happend to my friend! we must save him! here! ( gives rest of the Cymbio a backpack, execpt Beckie,Lilly,Anais and Cobby Jr. ) Beckie, you stay here with the youngest.

Beckie: sure thing!

Lilly,Anais and Cobby Jr.: OH COME ON!

GF123: anyways, lets go!

( meanwhile )


  • This was Agen't first fanfic here.
  • This was the first appearence of Sullvan Dog in Gumball Final Fantasy.