Leopardia (pronounced 'Leh-PARH-da') is a major location in Gumball Final Fantasy. It is a realm of the Element World the Cymbio visit and many scenes from Darkness took place.

Description Edit

Leopardia is just like a normal kingdom, but behind the shadows are the secrets the kingdom has, which makes the darkness and the void. The people believe that there are voids and unreal things, but also evilness. Their current leader, Denisa, does not believe in such things until the events of Darkness.

This is also where the castle of a Lord of Darkness must reside, for it is where evil was born in the first place.

It has good terms with Keotopia.

History Edit

Leopardia didn't exist until the end of the war between all kingdoms. it was just a battleground and a war zone. Until one soldier from Galvaros made use of the land as his home for his family due to corruption on Galvaros. His name was Founder Matthew Grezzler I. Learning that he lives in a battleground, some soldiers made fun of him, until they realized that Galvaros is in an anarchy and that it was going to be destroyed. Many people moved away from Galvaros because of the destruction of the kingdom. They refused to return back to Galvaros after they had a new leader. Matthew then became king of the

The people also saw something