Mabel Rosemary Watterson is a main character in Gumball Final Fantasy.

Mabel Rosemary Watterson
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Copper-Cinnabar with Vanilla Cream streaks (before arriving on Ceres)
Brown with Copper-Cinnabar streaks (after arriving on Ceres)
Eye Color: Black
brown (enlarged)
Red-Orange (when angry)
Nationality: American with some European roots
Species: Cat
Hometown: Elmore
Born: October 16, 2000
Also known as: Mabby
Winnie (By Martha; in short for Queen)
Professional Information
  Monster Killer
Fire Monarchy (generational),
Friends and Family
Nicole Watterson (mother)
Richard Watterson (father)
Gumball (quadruplet brother), Purriana (quadruplet sister), Rayona (quadruplet sister), Darwin (adoptive brother), Anais (younger sister), Fireball (older brother)
Helen (maternal grandmother), Unnamed Grandfathers, Granny Jojo (paternal grandmother)
Cymbio, Inferna
Dr. Budur, Charlotte
Love interests:
Pets: Pyra and Chisel (Sumokis), Inferna (companion, Sparkling)
Powers and Abilities:
Pyrokinesis, flight, thermokinesis, shapeshifting, crystal manipulation, telepathy (via gem), teleportation, heat sense, enhanced athleticism
Bow and ray arrows, Flaria gem
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Bridgit Mendler


Mabel is a blue cat with medium-long cooper-cinnabar hair with vanilla cream streaks that is formed into a ponytail. Her attire consists in a long-sleeved, red-crimson Mandarin style top with a red-orange string where the Flaria Gem is located, medium-length dark aquamarine thighs and medium-heeled shoes-sandals. Her weapon is a crossbow with ray arrows, all made from her Flaria Gem. Her Sumoki is orange and her name is Pyra.

After arriving on Ceres, her hair color was reverted back to her original hair color, except for the copper part. She now wears a red cardigan over an orange dress. She wears blue leggings and is wearing combat boots. Ceres people loved wearing jewels, so her gem is now a pendant.

In her ceremonial attire, she wears a long-sleeved orange gown with fire designs. She also has a burgundy cape and crimson red gloves. She also wears black shoes. Her hair is tied into an elegant bun. Her makeup consists of dusty rose eyeshadow and lip gloss.

In her royal/crystal attire, she wears a red-and-orange dress that has fire-wave designs. It has long sheer, loose and orange sleeves. It also includes a red cape with a diamond-shaped button on it. She has her crimson gloves, but removed them afterwards.

Her crown is made of gold and has only one orange jewel on it.

Personality Edit

She is very compassionate, sometimes serious, and friendly. She's very outgoing, but more than other teenagers and tends to hang out many times with her friends. She actually had the idea to create the gang for becoming more closer to her friends and spending more time with them. She's also very loyal and semi-confident (mostly when she keeps secrets), showing that she's a good friend.

As the oldest quadruplet, she is very wise. She often uses it when she talks about her personal life, like her family, friends, even her love life as well. However, this doesn't mean it stops her from being herself.

In Burned, she shows her vulnerable side. She became insecure and scared of herself, due to the prophecy, and will try to solve the problem before everyone knows. She doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of her. She would rather be alone. Her powers actually depend on what emotion she is feeling and there is the reason why: she is scared. After learning that there is nothing to be afraid of, she finally returns to her normal personality.


  • She almost broke a valuable object of Keotopia.
  • Her "pet", Inferna, usually hides under her hair.