Reviews are dialogues that will rarely replace the audio for the whole episode. They will be heard by Agentpman1, RC, and GF123.

Summary Edit

On rare occasions, thought an episode, the entire audio will be replaced with the audio of a review from Agent, RC, and GF123. When the review is over, the episode will end shortly. On even more rare occasions, the episode will end with a jump scare from 5 characters.

Episodes Edit

The following episodes that will be reviewed will be The First Fight (Part 1), The Wolf with a Heart, The Next Fight, Two big steps for dogs, and The Enemy.

Character Jump Scares Edit

On extremely rare occasions, there will be a jump scare at the end of the episode. The Jump scares will be from

  • Martha Nuttels (The Enemy.)
  • Gumball Watterson (The Wolf with a Heart.)
  • Hot Dog (The Next Fight.) However, since this jump scare is a little to scary, this is the rarest jump scare.
  • Sullvan Dog (Two steps for big dogs.)
  • Fangy (The First Fight.) He never has bloody teeth, though.