Saara Chaudry is a nine year old actress who portrays Lilly in Burned And Voiced Lilly rest of the show, beacuse they thinked that Ariel was to old for her role.

Role as Lilly Edit

After her show was never seen, she starts as a Youtuber in her home.

(Actually, this is false) When Ben Bocquelet auditioned 30 girls, Saara's mother forced her to join in. Although forgetting some lines, the crew pointed Lilly as the most cutest person they saw. Since Saara and Lilly are compared, she was part of the movie. They also changed Saara to be voice actor to Lilly, beacuse They thinked that Ariel was to old for being Lilly, after the first three episodes, Saara was Lilly.

In the movie, she consider herself loving French than Canadian. However, she was the only youngest to speak first before Diego and Breanna would. Actually, her fame becomes higher (her current fame was placed 2920 until it rose 2800 as the famous person) after nominated in the Movie Awards.

Saara Chaudry
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Canadian-American with British roots
Hometown: Canada
Born: June 7, 2004
Also known as: Lilly, Howie (in Max and Shred)
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