Thunderstorm "Stormy" Sky is an angel-cloud hybrid and the supporting character.

Thunderstorm "Stormy" Sky
Gender: Female
Age: 10 069 (biological age), 16 (Earth age)
Hair Color: Pure black with gray, magenta and dark purple combinations
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Cloudian-Angeline
Species: Angel-Cloud hybrid
Hometown: Cloud 9
Born: June 6, 450 (biological calendar), June 6, 1184 (Cloud 9)
Also known as: Stormy, S
Professional Information
  Princess of Cloud 9
Friends and Family
Sunny Sky (mother), Rainy Sky (father)
Windy (younger sister), Cloudy (younger sister), Breezy (younger sister), Fair (younger sister), Summer and Snowy (younger twin sisters), Autumn (youngest brother)
Cymbio, Cloudy (best friend and sister)
Piper and Pepper, Dr. Budur
Pets: Thundercat
Powers and Abilities:
Storm Control, Storm Shapeshift, Immortality
"You're crazy"
Music Theme:
Echosmith- Cool Kids
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Olivia Charles

Personality Edit

She is gloomy, serious, intelligent but friendly. She may have never smiled before (even as a newborn), everyone thought she is evenly mean, but she has a soft cloud heart. She always seem to like going to the library, as growing intelligent.

She's the oldest of the whole cast (even older than Eloisa but also, beside her father), and thinks she's the boss. She may have a good side, but she has one bad side. She sometimes get really angry, her hair turns into an electrical storm that goes in her control. But, the only thing she doesn't agree with is... Cloudy's happy song. She always wears ear mufflers when she hears it (if it takes day and night). But, don't make her smile! She's still grumpy and unhappy about it (shudders. Such Jeff the Killer. But, she didn't kill someone). If she smiles, it hurts her cheeks.

Appearance Edit

She is a tall, slender brown girl with pure black with dark purple, magenta and gray combinations (but not mixed, just striped) colored hair that is worn in pigtails, which floated like a cloud. She wears a gray jacket with black stripes, hiding a striped t-shirt. She wears a storm cloud as a skirt, and dark purple boots. She has dark purple wings.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is based on the name "Stanley".
  • She doesn't like Cloudy's music a lot.
  • Stormy's old name was: Nimbus Sky.