The Nightmare is a short episode of GFF.

Summary Edit

Not much is in this episode, except for a nightmare Dr.Budar has. Which gives him an idea.

Characters Edit

Dr. Budar

Gumball (Nightmare Form)

Fangy (Nightmare Form)

Martha (Nightmare Form)

Sullvan (Nightmare form)

Hot Dog (Nightmare Form)

Cymbio (Flashback)

S.T.L (Flashback)

Transcript Edit

(Episode starts at night with budar having a nightmare)

Dr. Budar: What? Were am I? (Sees a Top Hat in the ground.) What? (Walks to top hat.) Weird....

??????: *Disorted voice* You did this to them.

Dr. Budar: Wha-WHAT!?? WHO'S THERE!!??

??????: *Disorted* You did this.

Dr. Budar: Did what? What did I do!!??

??????: (Walks out of the shadows to reveal its nightmare fangy.) You ruined their lives.

Dr.Budar: Their lives? Who's lives?

Nightmare Fangy: All of this started 30 years ago.

(flashback to 30 years ago, when Budar created S.T.L, but the experiment goes wrong, and destroys elmore, causing Budar to go to jail, and S.T.L going into a safe room for the next 30 years. The flashback ends.)

Dr. Budar: That was an accident!

Nightmare Fangy: Really? What this an accident to?

(Shows a flashback of The Final Fight, where is shows clips of the fight, Sullvan kidnapping the gang, and taking the gems, the second fight, the tornado, and when Sullvan exploded into the flammable barrels. Flashback ends.)

Nightmare Fangy: Or this?

(Shows another flashback from The Next Fight, Where Hot Dog kidnapps the gang, hurts Mabel, Gets Beaten multipule times by Purriana, and when Hot Dog's mouth get sliced open by a sword. Flashback ends.)

Nightmare Fangy: Were those accidents?

Dr. Budar: Ok ok! I may have made a few problems, but-

Nightmare Fangy: But nothing. Now prepare to be eliminated by your "problem tests". (Disappears)

Dr. Budar: Huh!?

Nightmare Hot Dog: Hey there Budar! Long time no see! Wish I could help, but I cant! because i tied you up to a chain!

Dr Budar: (With foot chained up to a ball) What!!?? How!!??

??????: Grr......

Dr.Budar: ....Oh no...

Nightmare Sullvan: You shouldnt have never done this.

Dr. Budar: What!!??

(Nightmare Gumball Swings his hook at Budar's face)

Nightmare Gumball: SCREEEEEEE

Dr Budar: OH MY GOD!!!!

(Dr Budar wakes up to find out it's all a nightmare)

Dr.Budar: AH!! Wha....Huh? (Looks around to see that there's nothing.) ....What was that!!?? Was that a dream, or nightmare? How did that ha- wait.......Yes....Yes!!! YEESSS!!!!!! HAHAHA! I know what will defeat those kids one and for all! (Gets back to bed) Now to wait until morning! And then I will start to work on a BIG project!!! A big one....

(Back in Budar's nightmare, Nightmare Martha appears sitting, and staring at a wall, presumably crying. The screen goes to static, and ends the episode.)

Trivia Edit

*This was the first episode in the series to not feature any of the cymbio in person.

*This episode was the first episode in season 3 to foreshaadow the events of season 3's darker episodes.