Plot: Edit

Eloisa shows Cymbio around Keotopia and invites team Cymbio to Temple of Wisedom, but they did not know that Dr.Budur have come back from the last episode.

Characters: Edit


Eloisa Wilkes


Ninja Klutze Kats

Keotopia people

Eleanor Wilkes

Transcipt: Edit

( shows Cymbio is on Martha's new ship )

Gumball: so, what shall we go now again?

Cobby: to Keotopia. Eloisa shall show us her world and go to Temple of wisedom.

Lilly: what's that?

Cobby: Eloisa had Said herself that when she was 3 years old, it was a big was going on, so, she and her older sibiling and younger one and her Parents planted a magic tree so it can balance whole Keotopia and make so it never could be war again and it growed fast a beautiful tree inside a temple. Years later,Keotopias people pray to god so that there will never be war in Keotopia again.

Lexy: good story, but wich way shall we fly With the ship now?

Cobby: at the right.

( shows that the ship flies to the right and shows the planet Keotopia )

( theme song )

( shows them landing at Keotopia )

Cymbio: ( gets out ) wooow...

( shows the palace,the village and the Nature. shows that it have Cherry trees everywhere and beautiful places )

Gumball: ( gasps ) it's so...

Darwin: It's so beautifuuul!!!

Anais: pinch me Cobby.Jr! This must be a dream!

Cobby.Jr: ( pinches Anais arm ) nope, It's not!

Beckie: it's like i am living in a dream!

Mabel: we better go to Eloisa's palace now.

( They go, except Darwin and Beckie )

Darwin: do you wanna hold My hand?

Beckie: naaaw, sure. ( They both hold hands and walks togheter With Cymbio )

Cobby: ( looks at Mabel,while blushing ) um... Do you what Darwin and Beckie is doing ri-

Mabel: ( giggles ) sure! ( They both Holds hands )

( in the palace )